Testimonials / Results


Excellent results. . .Thank you.”

Beth E.


I am so glad I hired you, thank you.

Sandra K.


I like the way you convinced the jury to believe my son.

Eric B.


I am going to offer you my insured’s policy limits to settle you client’s case.

Insurance adjustor.



You hire a personal injury lawyer for one reason – to get you money. Almost all of our clients say they would rather have never been in a car crash or been injured than to get money. Obviously, Colorado personal injury laws cannot give you your life back. But the law can force insurance companies and juries to award you the money you deserve. Here are just a few some of the results that we have achieved for our clients:

$300,000 in delayed breast cancer case.

$100,000 verdict for person injured at the home of another.

$87,500 settlement for person who tripped and fell at grocery store

$80,000 for woman who fractured hip hip.

$50,000 for victim of dog bite.